Hunter HC Controller

The HC controller is an easy to use, fully functional sprinkler controller with touch screen and Wifi capabilities. 


The Hydrawise software was designed to help you get the most out of your irrigation system through access from anywhere in the world, predictive watering, water usage reports, and contractor remote monitoring.

Our Process

Whether you need a simple repair, or a complete revamp of your existing system, DripTech has you covered. We have developed a simple three-step process to ensure your irrigation system is functioning as efficiently as possible, all while you enjoy a healthy landscape & savings on your water bill.

Step 1
System Audit
Step one in our process is to provide a complete irrigation system audit on your home or commercial property. One of our certified DripTech Irrigation Specialists will run through your system and provide an Irrigation Efficiency Score.
Step 2
Initial Adjustments & Repairs

Once your Irrigation Efficiency Score has been determined, our service specialist will be able to pinpoint any weak points in your system and recommend repairs or adjustments to make sure your irrigation is up and running properly. During this stage DripTech will retrofit your system with Smart Irrigation Controllers, water wise nozzles & sprinkler heads. These upgrades can deliver water savings of 40-60%, which is great for mother nature… and your wallet!

Step 3

Maintenance Plan

We offer a variety of options that fit your specific needs. See the plans offered below to find the best value.

Plans & Pricing

Have a green thumb and like to work in your yard? No Problem! We can monitor your system & water savings remotely. We will notify you should any issues arise.

DripTech can take care of your basic irrigation services! Our “Got You Covered” Package includes a total of TWO site visits annually.

Choose our “No Worries” Package which Includes remote monitoring and a total of THREE site visits annually.

Our “I Want It All” Package includes remote monitoring and a total of FIVE site visits annually.

*Residential Plan Pricing is based on a standard 6 station irrigation system. For larger systems and or custom requests please contact us for more information.


What happens to my irrigation system if my WiFi goes down?

Watering programs can be scheduled offline; the watering programs are also saved in the unit and can run your system offline.

If I have a remote monitoring plan, will I be charged for a service call if something needs repaired?

Yes and no. Some of our plans include site visits and those visits can be used as a service call or a simple inspection. If you do not have a plan that includes site visits then any service call to your location will be charged to your account along with the cost of parts used.

What are the benefits of the Wifi controller and flow meter if I am not on a domestic water source?

If you are on pressurized irrigation water then you still maintain the benefits of the flow meter, which include tracking water usage and the ability to detect breaks or leaks in the system. 

Am I able to customize my service and my monthly plan?

,You’re the customer; of course you can. We are happy to work with you to develop the best strategy to maintain your landscape, save you money, and conserve water.

Can I purchase a Wifi controller and flow meter without a monthly plan?

You sure can, but you will miss out on the benefits of having a technician on call and the quick response to any issues your irrigation system may encounter. We also offer significant discounts on the cost of the product if you purchase a remote monitoring plan.

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